About us

Nobhill is a small selective kennel where high quality and a genuine interest and love for the breed is the foundation for my work in breeding ESS. The prefix Nobhill was registered in 1985 the same year our first litter was born.

We live in the countryside in the small village Grillby, situated between Stockholm
(65 km) and Enköping (15 km).

As a rule I try not to keep more than 4-5 dogs at home. I breed only one or sometimes two litters per year. All my dogs are very dear and great loved family members that all live in the house with me. Breeding and showing dogs is a hobby on the side of other professional working commitments.

The goals for our breeding:
- healthy dogs with happy and outgoing temperaments
- dogs excellent in type and conformation according to the breed standard
- dogs with a great amount of personality, eagerness and will to please,
for work and show.

An english springer loves to work and be active together with his/her family or owner.
Several springers from Nobhill are active working or competing - or just having fun
in: showing, agility, obedience, tracking and hunting activities.

I wish you a warm welcome to the Nobhill webbpages and hope they will give you
a moment of pleasure !

Best regards,
Monica Dreijer & the Nobhill springers

Monica with Tyty and Jazz
Photo Annelie Karlsson

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