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Nobhill puppies mixed pictures

In this part of the Nobhill Gallery we present mixed every day pictures of Nobhill puppies.

The pictures are examples of puppies in our litters throughout the years, and gives you an idéa of what a Nobhill puppy looks like and how it is brought up.

Jessie, Nobhill Back in Business 8 weeks

Nobhill Pretty Piece of Adamant, Julia 4 weeks

Hanna 6 weeks

My niece Lydia talking to
puppy Julia 6 weeks old.

Jazz, Melvely Mystery Girl with
4 week old litter

Julia, Ch Nobhill Chance's Happiness 7 weeks, enjoying holedigging

Amanda 10 weeks

Emely 7 weeks

Twiggy och Olivia 8 weeks


Benson 8 weeks

After a full day it's nice to take a rest- Jazz litter summer 2001

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